Android helps myABCKit promote personalised learning in the classroom

The myABCKit project was launched in 2015 with the ambitious goal of driving real change in primary education, both in Spain and the rest of the world. The main idea behind the platform is to provide children with a personalised approach to language learning with content relevant to each individual child, including games and exercises adapted to different levels and paces. “When it comes to educating children, you have to let them decide what they want to learn and how to learn it, because this helps them to develop their critical thinking and makes the whole learning process more intuitive,” explains Karina Ibarra, Founder of the company. myABCKit includes an app for schoolchildren and a website for their teachers and parents, which enables them to analyse data on the children’s progress, see what areas need more attention and even identify potential learning difficulties, such as laterality problems or dyslexia. The company intends to make myABCKit available to all children aged between three and seven who want to learn in a fun and personalised way, which is why they have launched the product on Android: “Schools are a major part of our business and many of them have invested in Android tablets which they regularly use during lessons,” she says. “Also, with Android we have been able to secure a market share 20% bigger than with iOS with the first free version of our product,” Karina adds. The biggest challenge facing the company is the diversity of devices available on the market: “Children don’t generally tolerate mistakes, so we spent a lot of time conducting the necessary tests for Android.” However, fortunately, Android has really done its homework over the last few years and it’s now much easier to develop products for their platform. Just two weeks after myABCKit was launched in the market, it already had 180 parents and 200 children registered. In the near future, Karina hopes to be able to make an even bigger impact by launching the app in Arabic for Syrian refugee children.

With Android we have been able to secure a market share 20% bigger than with iOS with the first free version of our product.

Karina Ibarra, Founder and CEO, myABCKit


Barcelona, Spain


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