Meet My Mama: empowering women to make a living from their talents

In working-class areas all over France, thousands of women from a migrant background are unable to find work. Yet, some of them are truly fantastic cooks.

To help them showcase their talent, Loubna, Donia and Youcef had the idea of creating Meet My Mama, a start-up that offers authentic cuisine from all four corners of the globe at business events, just like ‘mama’ makes.

In partnership with associations, this social enterprise also aims to help the women develop their own career ambitions: setting up their own restaurants, attending a cooking school or taking on more responsibility within Meet My Mama.

“We learned everything online for free via the Google Ateliers Numériques.” Google’s free tools helped the Meet My Mama start-up at every stage of its development. In the beginning, Loubna, Donia and Youcef lived in different regions, but were able collaborate remotely via Google Hangouts, a video conferencing platform.

Next, they needed to recruit top-notch chefs and prepare the menus. With the help of Google Translate, they overcame the language barrier to cooperate with women from 15 different countries.

Finally, free training with the Google Ateliers Numériques gave them valuable advice on creating their website and developing their online presence.

Meet My Mama provided catering at more than 350 business events, creating work for 30 women and offering hundreds of executives the opportunity to discover talented chefs. Now they’re setting their sights on expanding throughout France and Europe.

We learned everything online for free via the Google Ateliers Numériques.

Loubna Ksibi, Founder, Meet My Mama




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