Maria Grazia turns her passion for digital skills into a job

Maria Grazia Guerriero was not just looking for any job - she wanted something that bring her organisational skills together with her interest in digital. At 30, she decided to take the brave step of starting a new career in digital marketing. While she had some experience, including at a local online newspaper, she wanted develop her digital knowledge. So, she joined Crescere in Digitale, taking part in one of the first workshops. There, she learnt new skills which helped her turn interviews into job offers. She decided to accept the internship offered by Assoapi Formazione, the first Italian e-learning institution for the food and wine market. During her time there, Maria Grazia brought several new ways of working to the company, which she had learnt about during her training with Crescere in Digitale. At the end of her internship, she was offered a full time job. “I really love it here because it feels like family and we are granted a lot of independence and the opportunity to learn new things.” Today, she enjoys using the skills she learnt with Crescere in Digitale, especially digital marketing, and content creation for the website and social media. Antonio Scarano, training and development manager, is delighted with their new hire. “Our business is inherently innovative and we consistently look for staff members who are willing to keep abreast of the latest technological tools; this is why we have decided to hire people trained through Crescere in Digitale. Maria Grazia’s work has proven us right.” Maria is determined to not only continue to learn new skills, but to bring new ideas to the company: “I have attended both the Eccellenze in Digitale and the Google Ads course and I have just started the one on Analytics. I would like to start doing digital advertising next.” Now that she has found her mojo, she doesn’t plan on stopping. “Google has offered me a new, amazing opportunity and it has been a turning point in my career”.

Google has offered me a new, amazing opportunity and it has been a turning point in my career

Maria Grazia Guerriero, Digital Marketing Manager, Assoapi Formazione


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