Marco Di Cosmo: When digital marketing is the key to success

“Digital technology is the key to making a jump in quality. For freelancers, as well as large companies and small businesses. The good thing it is that anyone can learn: you only need to start off on the right foot by choosing pathways that are easy and that you can build on”. Marco Di Cosmo got it right and made a living from digital technology: from data analysis, search engine indexing, and web writing, to everything it takes to improve an online user experience.

Google Digital Training courses were an important turning point in his career. “First I was a student, then I became a trainer, helping companies to use this tool which enables first-timers to approach digital technology and more experienced users to fine-tune certain skills”. Becoming a consultant was the very next step “because nowadays, whatever field you’re in, learning how to create the right web presence is a must”.

After this, Marco decided to take on a new career challenge. “I now work as a communication specialist for a leading international government organization. It’s a gratifying job, where I can work on food system and urbanization projects both in Italy and abroad”. It’s not easy but there’s a lot of job satisfaction because “I can work on public programs dealing with issues that have a high social impact”. Marco has a clear idea of where he wants to be in the future: “I would like to work in the field of public programs and private sector relations”, while obviously keeping “the focus on digital technology, so that even this more traditional sector can really become a lever for change”.

The good thing about Google Digital Training courses is that they are easy to follow and very straightforward. Everyone can tailor the course to their needs, starting with the basics and reaching various levels of experience.

Marco Di Cosmo, Communication Specialist, Marco Di Cosmo


Rome, Italy


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