uses Google tools to promote interaction and sharing is an editorial portal targeting mothers and mothers-to-be, covering a wide range of topics from pregnancy, life at home, work, cooking, school and creative pursuits. The company has been using Google AdSense for some years, which has helped it to expand and start making money. In 2014, its turnover increased by 25–30%, and the company is expected to double its staff numbers in 2015.

Owner Barbara Damiano is pleased with Google tools, especially when it comes to sharing and the internal organisation of the company. “Drive is very useful, and we all contribute simultaneously on Docs, which we use for editorial programming. With the help of the whole suite, we’ll be linking all our ideas for the launch of the portal onto a mobile platform.”

The company is planning to hire some specialised staff members, namely a programmer, a graphic designer and a social media manager in early 2015, as well as editorial staff who can work remotely.

Barbara believes that the use of Google products has allowed the website to compete with much bigger ones, giving it recognition both internally and online. “Even though we’re not an editorial group, Alexa Ranking has placed us in the top 1,500 websites in Italy. Thanks to Google tools, we know how to get new ideas out there.”

Thanks to Google tools, we know how to get new ideas out there.

Barbara Damiano, Owner,


Caselle Torinese, Italy


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