Subscriptions fund Luma Works’ flagship magazine

Luma Works is a new independent publishing company set up by three writers, illustrators and marketing professionals who wanted to use their skills to create their own publications. Google Ads is helping to make this project possible. Luma Works’ flagship magazine, Storytime, aims to encourage parents and children to share the experience of reading stories together. One of the ways the magazine is made available is by subscription, and the revenue from this helps to fund the publication. “We use Ads to encourage people to subscribe,” says Leslie Coathup, one of the three owners of Luma Works. “Google Ads, backed by Google Analytics, is helping us achieve the number of subscriptions we need.” For Leslie, this is the first time he’s actually had to use Google Ads himself. “Previously, Google Ads was handled for me by an agency, but now I’m the person running our campaigns,” he says. “I’m enjoying getting to grips with what Google Ads can do and finding it very straightforward to use.”

Google Ads, backed by Analytics, is certainly helping us achieve the number of subscriptions we need.

Leslie Coathup, Owner, Luma Works


London, UK


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