Linsenmax sees a healthy rise in sales thanks to Google Ads

Online store is one of Switzerland’s largest retailers of contact lenses. Customers nationwide use it as a secure way of ordering lenses and related care products at affordable prices. The online magazine is a regular source of useful information about contact lenses, and face-to-face consultations are available in over 20 branches of its partner store Kochoptik. The marketing team uses a diverse range of media including print ads, online advertising and affiliate programmes to raise the company’s profile among potential customers. A team of three specialists handles online marketing for Linsenmax. “About a third of our sales come from Google Ads,” says Chris Beyeler, Online Marketing Manager at the company’s agency, MySign. He expects to generate further growth via Google Shopping, and is working to expand the company’s presence on this platform. He considers it to be an excellent sales channel, and is confident that he will get some great results from it in the future.

About a third of our sales come from Google Ads.

Chris Beyeler, Head of Online Marketing for at the agency MySign, Linsenmax AG


Otelfingen, Switzerland


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