How the Business Class programme helped launch a musical theatre school in Western Siberia

It all started at university. Then a student, today co-founder of the school, Gennady Agapkin thought about becoming an entrepreneur. He wanted to maximize his potential as a manager and run his own business. While completing his master’s degree, Gennady started his own tutoring center. Under his leadership, honors students helped those who needed encouragement. Having graduated, he decided to continue growing as an entrepreneur. The idea to create a musical theatre school came to his girlfriend Alisa. They decided to unite their efforts in order to strengthen the result. Gennady analyzed the market and realized that their offer would be in demand among parents and children in the Tyumen Oblast, as there were simply no similar schools or projects in the area.

Together, they opened the Children's School of Musical Theatre in Tyumen, aiming to develop the creative side of children between the ages of 3 to 15. Training is offered in three fields as a whole: vocal, choreography and acting. The Business Class programme by Google and Sberbank helped to refresh and increase Gennady’s knowledge on running a business and gain new insights and skills. As he was going through the programme, Gennady improved his business competencies and expanded professional horizons, as well as mastered the basic principles of financial reporting. Just over a year in business and Gennady managed to increase profits 4 times and now boasts a line for enrollment of 500 kids and youngsters. Gennady and Alisa don’t plan on stopping there: they plan to expand their business and strengthen their position in the region. Together, they aim at scaling up and going into franchising in Russia and the CIS countries.

Our goal is to grow successful and diverse personalities, to contribute to the creative development of children and teenagers. The Business Class programme helped us to master new skills and competencies, which ultimately allowed us to bring the project to a whole new level.

Gennady Agapkin, Co-founder, Children's School of Musical Theatre


Tyumen, Russia


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