Helping travellers settle their expenses with ease

Everyone knows this situation: you go on a trip with your friends, someone pays for something and in the end no one knows who paid for what. David Vávra had experienced the same thing many times as a student: “We had to keep all the receipts, make notes and calculate the debts manually. There were often disagreements,” says the founder of Step Up Labs, a development company. Some years ago he decided to solve this problem with a new app, Dlužníček (Debtor), which hundreds of thousands of people around the world know today as Settle Up. Originally, the app was created for Android, but David decided to offer access to his server also to developers who would create versions for different systems. “I wanted to make our app serve everyone, whichever operating system they use. As a traveler myself, I also felt that our app would be really useful if it was reliable even when you have a bad internet connection.” That’s why David and the team of iOS and Windows developers decided to form a joint venture and rewrite their app on a platform that would support their vision. “I was looking for a reliable system that has been tested on hundreds of apps, and by loads of users.,”. He discussed their challenges on Google Developer Experts Summit, when he first learned about Firebase, a platform by Google that allows developers to build better mobile apps, and gained priority access to the tool. “We managed to ensure everyone in the group sees the same updated information.” Today, the Settle Up team is pleased that their traveling customers can fully rely on the app’s functionality, even with an unstable internet connection. Now, David and his team can focus more on on non-technical aspects, and he's optimistic about the future. “I take part in Google Launchpad mentoring sessions, where we get expert advice. We now have about 200,000 active users a month, but I'm sure that we can have twice as many.”

We’re helping travelers to share expenses with ease and save time for more exciting things. With Firebase, our app is completely reliable even for adventurers with a bad internet connection

David Vávra, Founder, Settle Up




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