From unemployment to a business helping others find work

Alex Valero was working as a graphic designer in Zaragoza when suddenly and tragically, his father died. He quit his job and returned to his native Granada, to be near his mother, who was unwell. But finding a job proved difficult and he spent a year out of work.

In that time, he started hearing about the problems restaurant owners had finding staff and easily managing paperwork - and one day, when out for a bike ride, he had a brainwave. What about an app that would bring employers in hospitality together with people looking for jobs? The only problem was how to make it a reality. “I had the idea, but not the knowledge. That’s when I discovered Google Actívate.”

Through the free training with Google Actívate, Alex learnt everything he needed to get his new business up and running. “I learnt a lot from the courses - like how to start your company, understand your audience, create digital marketing campaigns and most importantly, how to turn users into clients.”

“BuscoExtra is what restaurants in Spain and Malaga need” says Juan, owner of El Gallo Ronco restaurant in Malaga. “Having this app fixes our problems and helps people find jobs.”

Now, from struggling with unemployment himself, Alex is proud that not only is the business going from strength to strength, but helping others find new jobs. “We’ve gone from a team of 4 to 12 - and now we’re hoping to take BuscoExtra across Spain and Europe. We are so proud to have helped people find work - all from an idea I had when riding my bike.”

Now we’re hoping to take BuscoExtra across Europe. We are so proud to have helped people find work - all from an idea I had when riding my bike.

Alex Valero, Founder, BuscoExtra




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