From book club to a fully-fledged book store – how the Business Class programme helped launch a company and increase its initial investment by 10 times

It all started with a club in Khabarovsk where book lovers met monthly to discuss what they had read. This gave Svetlana Kostyleva and her friend the idea to create what they called the READme Box: pre-packaged gift boxes of books with titles that would come as a surprise to the recipient. They encountered high demand for these gift boxes, so Svetlana decided to take the next step and open a full-fledged bookstore.

Svetlana had no entrepreneurial experience, and the knowledge she received from Business Class educational programme by Google and Sberbank helped her organize the whole business process and successfully develop the enterprise. By participating in the program, Svetlana gained the self-confidence she needed to open a bookstore in her hometown and to increase initial investment by 10 times during the first year of operations. Now she plans to open a second outlet selling children’s books and to begin offering franchises. In 2019 Svetlana Kostyleva was honored with “Best Young Entrepreneur of Khabarovsk” award.

Business Class helped me to look at things in a new way. I was able to break the stereotypes about small businesses – for example, that you can’t open a company with friends or without a big startup capital. I turned my dream into a reality!

Svetlana Kostyleva, Founder, REMARK’a Bookstore, REMARK’a Bookstore


Khabarovsk, Russia


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