Fabio gains new skills and a new job

Fabio Pinna is always looking for new challenges and opportunities. After attending a Technology and Industry High School specializing in IT he started looking for a job related to his passion: the digital world. So when after working in a few temporary roles, he got in touch with Crescere in Digitale, he knew it was where he needed to be. After attending a workshop, he had a few interviews with different companies. He finally he decided to take an internship offered by Tek Ref, a business specializing in the production of pizza ovens. After six months there he was hired on a permanent basis. “I deal with their digital marketing, updating the website and social media pages, preparing their photographic and video content, and managing their advertising campaigns with Google Ads. But that’s not all - I also support the administration and liaise with overseas customers.” It’s challenging and rewarding role which suits his personality: “If you asked me to describe my job, I’d say 'dynamic', because you never get bored and there is always something new to learn and to focus on.” It’s significant achievement and he credits the course with helping him get his new role.“I was given a great opportunity to connect with the business world. I have found out more about digital marketing and several technical aspects I didn’t know about before.” Now Fabio doesn’t want to stop learning and is passionate about how training and staying up to date with trends are the key elements to success. His attitude is highly appreciated by the company, says Tek Ref General Manager Luca Pieri. “Fabio has made a great contribution to our company by bringing in methods of digital marketing which in today’s market are vital for companies like us.”

Crescere in Digitale has offered me a great opportunity by putting me in touch with the world of business.

Fabio Pinna, Web Marketing Manager, TEK REF




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