Digital skills open new doors for Martina

With a life-long passion for all aspects of digital marketing, Martina Perrucci started her career with a few freelance roles , building websites, writing online articles, and developing graphics. She also enrolled at university before realising it wasn’t the right path for her . In October 2016 she found out about Crescere in Digitale, took part in a course and then attended a workshop in Naples. With her new training, Martina quickly received job several offers from different businesses, before choosing Flexitab. The firm specialises in in marine design and are interested in blending traditional production techniques with the latest innovations in the digital market. During her internship, she used her skills to create an e-commerce website which allowed the company to expand its international customers portfolio and to increase its turnover by 25% in just one year.

“These online tools have been crucial for our expansion overseas. Now, the countries we sell most of our products to are the United States and Japan. We are selling pretty well in Europe also, for instance in Spain and the UK.” After such impressive results, this company was definitely not going to let Martina go, and they offered her a permanent contract. Today, she is working across the company’s digital portfolio: from e-commerce to customer care on social media, content optimization and the company’s online marketing strategy. “When I started I was running this project alone, now I manage a small team, with two guys who were recruited through Crescere in Digitale too.” For Martina the course was more than just a chance to find a better job: “Before I had no clear idea of what I wanted to become, professionally speaking. Now, I am more focused on my goals and I know what I really want, which is to specialize in e-commerce strategy”.

Before attending the Crescere in Digitale course I had no clear idea of what I wanted to be professionally. Now, I am more focused on my goals and I know what I really want.

Martina Perrucci, Digital Marketing Manager, Flexitab




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