DailyArt – a daily dose of art for everyone

DailyArt is an app for art lovers who want to have regular contact with the art world. Subscribers receive information on specific pieces of art, such as who created them and when – interesting and informed content, curated by art historians and delivered on a daily basis.

According to Zuzanna Stańska, the Founder and Project Manager of Moiseum, it felt natural to first develop the app for Android because of the platform’s popularity worldwide. Although Android’s fragmentation presented a challenge, she still considers it the best choice: “Android is a better product. It’s more adaptable, which means we can do more with it.” DailyArt owes its success to Android – its high-quality content coupled with Android’s all-encompassing, user-orientated service enables you to cater to a client’s individual needs. And the numbers speak for themselves. DailyArt has been downloaded 135,000 times to date and the company has over 80,000 members worldwide, most of which are in Europe (52%) and North America (30%).

On the back of the app’s success, Moiseum plans to introduce a subscription model and in-app purchases for users who want even more content, with the aim of reaching a larger audience and in turn, increasing profit.

Android is a better product. It’s more adaptable, which means we can do more with it.

Zuzanna Stańska, Founder and Product Manager, DailyArt


Łódź, Poland


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