Caravan rental company uses the Internet to attract constant flow of customers

Lucerne-based Carawero AG rents caravans to customers throughout Switzerland. When Werner Roos started the business with just two caravans in 2007, he looked for cost-effective ways of publicising it to as many people as possible. He used magazine advertising, and also tried Google AdWords – leveraging Google Analytics to monitor the flow of visitors to his website. Werner soon found that, while both print and online advertising generated clicks, print tended to bring a short-term spike in hits, whereas AdWords generated a constant flow of visitors with almost no wastage. This is particularly important for a business that earns some 90% of its turnover from new customers, and where people increasingly compare products online. “A large proportion of our customers find us via AdWords,” explains Werner. He’s invested the resulting income in new caravans, and now has a total of 23, with excellent occupancy rates. In 2013 Werner turned his one-man business into a limited company, and his wife and children are now helping him run it.

A large proportion of our customers find us via AdWords.

Werner Roos, Director, Carawero AG


Lucerne, Switzerland


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