Business is looking good for plastic surgeons at Studio Medico Fra’ Bartolomeo

Dr Fabio Quercioli founded his Florence-based medical practice, Studio Medico Fra’ Bartolomeo, in 2009. It specialises in aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery, seeking to “restore the harmony of the body” and resolve functional and pathological issues. Dr Quercioli has placed a great deal of emphasis on creating a modern image: he has his own website, and uses Google tools to generate new business. “The site includes a lot of articles designed to attract people interested in this area of medicine,” he says. “We also use search engine optimisation, but Google Ads and Analytics have played an important part in the growth of our business. Since we began using them in 2010, our client base has increased by around 20% and we’ve taken on significantly more staff. Google tools have given us a tangible lead over our competitors, and given us a lot more business. I particularly like the fact that they’re so fast, modern and easy to implement.”

Google tools have given us a lot more business.

Fabio Quercioli, Owner, Studio Medico Fra’ Bartolomeo


Florence, Italy


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