Blubit offers web consultancy services to its expanding client base

Blubit is an Italian web marketing company offering search engine optimisation and marketing, direct email marketing, social media, and Google AdWords and Google Analytics consultancy. Therefore AdWords is part of its core business. Owner Andrea Testa also lectures in web marketing, so it’s hardly surprising that he also uses it to advertise his own company. “We’re both an AdWords client and a reseller,” he says. “We’re growing fast, with turnover up by 400% in the past year alone, and I took on all my staff in 2013. Google has been a major ally in this process, giving us visibility even on a small budget and providing a very high level of performance. Google makes it easy to achieve your goals. And we actually have good relationships with many of our competitors, because we work for them. We receive calls from bigger companies in the same sector asking us to manage their campaigns.”

Google makes it easy to achieve your goals.

Andrea Testa, Owner, Blubit


Milan, Italy


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