A new company succeeds in the cleaning services market

Best Cleaning Experts entered the Romanian cleaning services market in 2011. It has been using Google Ads to great success, experiencing benefits unmatched by more traditional advertising products.

The company’s Managing Partner, Marius Oprea, explains that the role of Google Ads for his company is twofold: it’s an important market research and advertising tool that generates new clients. On the one hand, the product allows Marius to see the exact words that his potential clients search for most often and use this information to optimise his website. On the other hand, Marius concludes that, “In short, using Google Ads means gaining new clients.” Considering the combined effect of these two benefits, Google Ads has brought Best Cleaning Experts a revenue increase of 60–70%.

In short, using Google Ads means receiving new clients.

Marius Oprea, Managing Partner, Best Cleaning Experts


Bucharest, Romania


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