connects young people in Germany with the apprenticeship of their choice through the jobs experience on Google Search

With its combination of school-based learning and on-the-job-training, Germany’s vocational education and training system is considered to be an important foundation of German economy. Thanks to this dual system, Germany enjoys one of the lowest levels of youth unemployment in the European Union, with other countries adopting the system worldwide.

Yet, graduates in Germany often face challenges when it comes to finding the right apprenticeship out of more than 60,000 registered training places. “They become disorientated and overwhelmed when faced with so many options,” says Fanny Jiménez, Communications Manager at Absolventa GmbH, a Berlin-based company of media group Funke Mediengruppe running, one of Germany’s largest vocational education portals with more than half a million users per month.’s goal is to connect young jobseekers with their ideal first job, fitting perfectly into Grow with Google’s mission to create more economic opportunity for everyone, including helping people find a job. This led to a partnership wherein’s own job listings just as additional listings from numerous other job boards, were eligible to appear in the new job search experience to provide more choices to the user. “Job boards like us are the link between users and the job of their choice. The new Google Search job listing unit and carousel are a great contribution to that mission. This makes the experience of looking for a job faster, more transparent and efficient – for the benefit of graduates, employers and the entire industry.” says Robindro Ullah, CEO of Trendence Institut GmbH, a company of the Funke media group, and head of the joint research section of Absolventa and Trendence.

“Many of our users find us through organic search, which is why Google has been an important partner for us,'' Fanny adds. Since implementing the markup, has seen considerable improvements in the quality of traffic with an overall application rate that more than doubled across devices (mobile: 318%, desktop: 199%) compared to previous traffic from organic Google search results. Furthermore, the bounce rate decreased by 29% and pages per session were 1.36 times higher on mobile in comparison to previous results.

“The partnership has been really positive and generated great results, with the mobile application rate being three times higher,” says Fanny. “Our vocational education expertise and Google’s innovative drive are a great match, and we’re looking forward to working together to connect more young Germans to the right apprenticeships”.

Google’s job search experience has led to strong results, with an application rate that now is twice as high as before. It is a great contribution to our mission of connecting future apprentices in Germany with the job of their choice

Robindro Ullah, CEO of Trendence Institut GmbH, HR-Strategist Absolventa GmbH,




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