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    This is a challenging time for everyone, businesses included. That’s why we’re calling out for India to come together for an initiative to support small businesses. When we support small, we make their business strong. And when small businesses become strong, our country becomes strong. Together, let’s pledge to Make Small Strong.

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    4 Ways to Support a Small Business

    By buying locally, booking services online, reviewing your purchases and sharing the love for your favourite shops on social media, we can help small businesses grow stronger.

    "Make Small Strong Vote"

    Start a conversation around supporting small businesses with the Make Small Strong Vote initiative. Just google ‘Make Small Strong Vote’, then choose from the options that help a small business grow and show your support on social media.

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    Buy from small businesses

    Buy from small businesses

    Google Pay is coming up with multiple offers for Small Business Week. From 25th September - 8th October, purchase from a local business or support them using Google Pay to earn scratch cards with amazing rewards.

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    Leave a review and rating

    Leave a review and rating

    Want to recommend your favorite local businesses to the world? Review and rate them on Google Maps. Your detailed reviews, honest feedback and good ratings help earn the trust of customers like yourself and make a small business stand out.

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    Spread the love

    Become the voice of small businesses by sharing their products and tagging their business profiles on social media. Help spread the word by downloading and sharing the images below on your social media with the #MakeSmallStrong to show your love for small businesses and get them noticed.

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