"My number one priority is the marketing of the business, if the phone isn't ringing, then I'm not doing my job,"

Phillip Richardson


Perth, WA

After 13 years in the industry, electrician and Perth local Philip Richardson noticed a need for a joint plumber and sparky service when it came to installing hot water systems. He decided to launch Richtek; a one-stop shop that can supply, install and handle emergency repairs around the clock.

Richtek employs 15 people

The first year was tough. As the only employee, Philip was learning how to run a successful business while also jumping on the tools. He was soon able to make his first hire and switch his focus to marketing the business. “My number one priority is the marketing of the business, if the phone isn’t ringing, then I’m not doing my job,” Philip says.
A self-confessed digital novice, Philip heard about Google Ads from the son of a local steel fabricator. After seeing all the online leads they had generated, he knew he needed to turn to digital marketing to grow his business and get those calls rolling in. “Before I started, I couldn’t turn on a computer. Today, Google Ads brings in 90% of our business,” Philip says.
Richtek’s huge return on investment has turned Philip into a Google Ads advocate. “You have to be able to speak to the customer… When people need help they turn to Google, you need to meet them when they search,” Philip says. Today, with 15 employees and over 40,000 happy customers, Richtek is continuing on its mission to provide high quality work and exceptional customer service to the people of Perth.

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