"If I'm up at five a.m working on the business, I can see the impact. It's been an incredibly empowering experience."

Morgan Coleman
Vets on Call

Vets on Call

Melbourne, VIC

Milky hates vet visits; they make him anxious and restless. His owner, Morgan, hates them almost as much. It upsets him to see his dog so stressed, every appointment costs a fortune, and their opening hours make it almost impossible for him to fit Milky’s appointments around work.

Vets on Call employs 5 people

If it’s true that all clouds have silver linings, then the glow that surrounds poor Milky’s trauma is the launch of Morgan’s app-based business, Vets on Call. The proud Torres Strait Islander and Melbourne local developed an app that connects home-visiting vets with pet owners across Victoria in an easy, three-step booking process with upfront quotes. That is, of course, so long as people can find it.
Enter, Google. As a digital business, digital marketing was always going to be Morgan’s best bet for getting Vets on Call off the ground. He taught himself how to navigate Google Ads, and has seen impressive growth in his twelve months of business. “When I first started the business, it was costing $23 to convert a customer. Today, we’re down to $2.80 per customer. That’s unheard of.” Morgan’s business has grown exponentially over the last year, and he now has 60 vets on their register, over 3000 clients, and is starting to see repeat business. As well as marketing his business on Google, Morgan also regularly shows at pet expos, offering free vet checks for the pets of everyone who downloads the app, which allows Vets on Call to control conversions and build trust with their client base.
It took a lot for Morgan to get his dream up and running. “It’s been hard to explain the sacrifice and my burning ambition,” Morgan says. “If I’m up at five a.m working on the business, I can see the impact. It’s been an incredibly empowering experience.” And, perhaps most importantly, Milky’s much happier now, too.

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